against perfection

We all know that humans are not exactly perfect, and we are even aware that imperfections are what define us as individuals and make us unique.

However, it often seems that the world insists on the opposite and push us to be the perfect son, the perfect mother, the perfect employee or the perfect bride, just to name a few.

mstake is a community that offers the opportunity to express and wear with pride the fight that every good imperfect human should perform against perfection, since perfection is a tricky idea without which probably we would live calmer.

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against perfection

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Cities by mstake
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Color Square
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Word party by mstake
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Thinking Tiles by mstake
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against perfection

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Besides to create and make our own products we can also create specific interventions on your products and distribute them in our network and social media profiles.

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  1. Products against perfection

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mstake is a brand that focuses on design, has affordable retail and wholesale, uses name brand components and offers premium customer service and warranty programs.

We offer not only fresh ideas and top-notch marketing support but shipping incentives and fair margins. We also love to feature our delaers on or widly popular and fast-growing social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter... were we have of thousans of fans.

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