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Other brands

Besides to create and make our own products we can also create specific interventions on your products and distribute them in our network and social media profiles.

If you are the responsible of a brand and want to join us,

drop us a line.



Want to become a dealer? Our principles are:

  1. Products against perfection

  2. Focus on design

  3. Quality products

  4. Fair cost

  5. Premium customer service

mstake is a brand that focuses on design, has affordable retail and wholesale, uses name brand components and offers premium customer service and warranty programs.

We offer not only fresh ideas and top-notch marketing support but shipping incentives and fair margins. We also love to feature our delaers on or widly popular and fast-growing social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter... were we have thousands of fans.

mstake is your one-stop shop to fight perfection. If you want to be part of this, drop us a line at

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